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"No one is too small to make a difference

and no difference is too small to make."


Welcome to the amazing adventures of Scotty, a little dog from the island of Mull. Join Scotty and learn about his travels around the world with his best friend Owl. Find out about his new adventures in 

'Scotty Plants a Seed' and learn about trees and the amazing things they do to protect our planet.


When you get a moment check out what the Millenium Seed Bank is doing...did you know they have 2.4 BILLION seeds saved to protect our trees from becoming extinct!

Scotty Plants a Seed
Scotty Plants a Seed

“In silence, the little dog opened one eye.

This wasn’t his island! It wasn’t his sky!

Above him were branches all woven as one,

Protecting the earth from the heat of the sun.”


Climate Change can sometimes be a little frightening. This is a story about

the small changes we can all make, to help protect the planet.   


Come with Scotty - to the island of Mull, then India, Brazil, Africa

and right around the world. Will he find his way home?

Will his friend owl lose all his feathers flying after him?

Will they learn something extraordinary about trees on the way?

Hold tight…..