About Us

Conn Iggulden, Author

Conn Iggulden is a No. 1 Bestselling author in both fiction and non-fiction. He has also built a treehouse - twice.

The first blew down in the great UK storm of 1987.

The second one is still standing.

Lizzy Duncan, Illustrator

Lizzy Duncan is an illustrator of children's books. She loves a challenge - getting Scotty to sit still while sketching him for the book is the biggest challenge she has faced so far.


James Wright, where the idea began!

James hails from the Isle of Mull where he spent

his childhood. The picture on the right was taken in Tobermory and shows James as a child with his Dad and his Grandfather (if you look carefully you can see his Grandfather's hand!). He still has a home in Tobermory but lives most of the time in London.


"I was invited to join the Scotia group, a not-for-profit environmental group, with a view to producing a blueprint recommendation on how to tackle carbon emissions to reduce rising global temperatures. The recommendations will be presented to the Secretary General of the United Nations at the Cop 26 Climate Change Conference in November 2021.

Not being a scientist, I took the following view:

Conferences come, and conferences go. Politicians come and politicians go but children are constant. I felt it was essential to find a medium by which young children could be educated about climate change and how our planet is currently being destroyed by modern living practices. Today's children will be the very people that will have to deal with the consequences of what my generation and the generation before us has created. These children when grown will need to continue what we have now started, albeit with greater urgency, to make the necessary changes to reverse global warming. 

Scotty and his adventures are the medium by which I felt we could teach young nursery and primary school children all about the varying issues facing us today. Meet Scotty in his brand-new book ‘Scotty Plants a Seed’ where we find out that no one is too small to make a difference and no difference is too small to make.

Keep in mind that TODAY we have an opportunity to do good for ourselves, the planet, and others. We do still have time and this first book is our small contribution towards that end". 

James Wright